Design a crypto wallet for your business

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Digital currencies will see hundreds of millions of new users in the next ten years.

Is your company ready for them?

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Offering digital currencies makes sense for every business.

Fintech Startup

Launching an in-house crypto wallet can increase user engagement and satisfaction

Bank or Telecom

A crypto wallet can help you effectively package your services and products for a new audience

Consumer Brand

Integrating a crypto wallet can help you incentivize customer spending and increase brand loyalty

However, building your own wallet or integrating with an existing one is ...


It takes a large and expensive full-time product team to build a brand new crypto wallet.


Integrations with existing wallets are unpredictable and result in a loss of control over a user journey.


Maintaining a brand new wallet infrastructure is a complex process from an operational perspective

Our Solution: the Peach™ Branded Wallet


White-label mobile wallet for iOS and Android

Our secure crypto wallet has best-in-class infrastructure and can be fully customized for your business.

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Easily Integrate 3rd Party Services

Bring new services to your customers through cutting-edge features and partnerships while maintaining control over user experience

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Free payment processing

As a Peach wallet partner, you receive additional enterprise benefits of no fees and no commission on crypto payments.

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On-premise installation

You can host your own infrastructure to stay in full control of your wallet business.

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Fast setup

Quickly and easily launch your own crypto wallet
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Best practices

Peach is built and maintained by Bitfury, the world's leading emerging technologies company.
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Fully customizable for all your future business and product needs. No need to maintain an expensive in-house development team.

Our customers:

  • Partner Paytomat
  • Partner Bitwage
  • Partner Hadepay
  • Partner Btcbit